I AM a lover of the Earth and the Divine; a native Texan, skywatching, hip-hop head; a writer & warrior of healing & funkiness…

And like any self-aware 20-something, I’ve been searching for the answer to that question for years.

Right now I’d say I AM an intuitive healer, EFT practitioner, recipe developer and herbalist. But the thing is…

I’ve done a lot of different jobs, called myself a lot of different things, and tried a lot of different identities on for size. What I’ve come to gather is this: I am not my job, career, title, or tagline. I AM a conscious chick with a passion for healing and spirit, and the process of discovering who I AM continues to gift me with the experiences, lessons, and tools to guide others searching for their place in the world.

Things I put on my resume…

  • I have a BA from UT Austin in Sociology & Spanish
  • I went to the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine
  • I went to the School of Authentic Journalism 2011
  • I served as senior editor for the multicultural monthly TODO Austin
  • I worked in digital marketing for 6+ years, and ran a small online business
  • I develop/test healing, whole food recipes
  • I am a freelance journalist/food writer & I shoot most of my own photos…(that aren’t of me! That’s all Wolfson :])

Things I’d tell a friend…

  • A few years ago I quit my job, sold my car, & moved to Mexico. I didn’t stay, but I learned a lot.
    • I was deathly afraid of the unseen realms as a kid, but am now deeply connected to them 
    •  I make healing remedies out of plants, herbs, and foods 
    • I study & follow ancient Mayan daykeeping
    • The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life changed my life 
    • I practice EFT/tapping, which has been a profound gift in my life & journey

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