Raw Strawberry Basil Cheesecake

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This super-satisfying raw dessert is a slight variation on the lemon raspberry version I premiered last year. The fruit topping, a blend of fresh strawberries, lemon, and basil leaves, provides a bright, tangy note to cut the creamy richness of the cashew-based cake. Adapted from The Rawtarian and Loving it Raw Yield: 24 small servings Cook time: 30 minutes, plus time …


Creamy Raw Broccoli Spinach Dip

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This nutrient-packed spinach dip is made with broccoli, garlic, green onion, avocado, and lime. Soaked cashews and coconut milk lend a smooth creaminess and a bit of nutritional yeast gives it that nice cheesy flavor. Each serving packs about 6 grams of protein, with good doses of potassium and B and C vitamins. Yield: About 4 cups, appetizer for 8 …


Raw Banana Crepes with Coconut Marmalade Cream

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The idea for these wonderfully tasty banana crepes comes once again from the raw queens, my friends Misha and Tosca. I added chipped coconut and a couple of tablespoons of organic grapefruit marmalade to their cashew cream filling, which creates a few layers of complex, tropical flavors that all hit your tongue in different waves. Adapted from Raw Food Recipes. …


Top Secret Cheese Pizza

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This may look like your everyday cheese pizza. Your little eater will happily scarf it down like their favorite cheese pizza. But its big secret is the cleverly disguised serving of veggies hidden in the sauce. We’ve had great success with “hidden veggie” recipes here at Whisked Foodie, and this one is no exception. It’s even been tested and approved …


Undercover Veggies

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I think I’m onto something. And that something is answering the call of parents near and far who struggle to work a nutritious amount of veggies into their young’n’s diets. I’m going undercover, finding creative and tasty ways to hide a serving of veggies where your little one would never expect it. Poor vegetables. They get such a bad rap. Remember that …


Asian Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing

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This super-healthy, super-satisfying Asian salad is one of my mom’s ever-evolving raw creations. A rainbow of crunchy veggies drizzled with a spicy, creamy peanut butter tamari dressing, it’s as good in a huge main course bowl as it is by the side of a soy-ginger glazed protein. We always make huge batches at a time, so feel free to half …


Butternut Pudding with Coconut Curry Sauce

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Tired of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves? This butternut squash pudding has all the custardy appeal of pumpkin pie filling, but flavored with cardamom and paired with a spicy coconut curry sauce, it takes on a savory Indian flavor profile with just a touch of sweetness. Yield: Serves 6 Cook time: 2 1/2 hours Ingredients: For the pudding: 1 medium butternut …


Sweet Beneath the Thorns: Spiny Chayote

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Since moving to Mexico three months ago, I’ve seen and tasted some really cool produce you’d never find in the neighborhood supermarkets back home. Last week, Chef asked if I’d ever seen a chayote with thorns. Chayote is a medium, pear-shaped green squash with a mild flavor and firm texture. But thorns?! I had no idea they even grew that …


Roasted Romance: Pan-Charred Tomatoes

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On Monday, we talked about the lovely, swoon-inducing roasted tomato, and how to make its traditional oven-browned incarnation. Today we’ll look at its less-popular (but no less seductive) cousin, which is rotated over high heat to give it all of the same caramelized goodness, with a distinct char and much more retained liquid, ideal for roasted salsas or sauces and …


Raw Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake

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This all raw, all natural “cheesecake” is packed with nutrients, free of dairy and sugar and rich and creamy enough to satisfy any cheesecake fanatic. Sunflower lecithin (found at most health food stores) acts as a thickener, supports major body functions like breathing and energy production, and feeds the brain and nervous system. Adapted from The Rawtarian and Loving it …