Working with Katie as my coach has been a true blessing. She has helped me unravel deep layers of abandonment, self-sabotage, anxiety and fear. Now I’m reaching for my greatest potential, with courage and excitement. Katie’s intuitive guidance, and her knack to tap into “who I am” on a soul level, is astonishing. I’m stepping into my power as a woman, trusting my natural intuition, and I’m a much calmer mother and wife. Life is just better now, and I can’t wait for the future. Thank you Katie 🙂 –Vikki B.

Katie has drastically changed my life! Before I began working on my relationship with my body and food with Katie I was seriously struggling with food addiction and emotional eating. I was emotionally out of balance, stressed out, AND I was unclear as to what the root cause was. Katie used her intuition, EFT and other powerful processes to uncover and heal the ROOTS of my issues. I loved how Katie guided me at a pace that I was comfortable with and I felt completely supported by her every step of the way. Now, emotional eating is really just a non-issue for me. I can enjoy my food and I love how my body looks and feels! My energy is freed up to be focused on my work, my relationships, and just plain having fun. I no longer use food to make me feel better because I feel great already! I would highly recommend working with Katie. Her unique blend of nutrition and health knowledge, understanding of how to reprogram the subconscious mind, and seriously tuned-in intuitive abilities guide you right out of pain and into absolute freedom! Katie, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! <3 – Katelyn Edgar, Intuitive Coach

The most phenomenal healing I have ever had. Before our session, I was feeling so heavy, I hadn’t slept, I’d just had an “episode” with someone and it was really weighing on me. Katie knew exactly what to do to clear all of that, but what really blew me away was that she zeroed right in to what was going on at a deeper level, which I wasn’t expecting. She led me through a conversation with my lover’s High Self, and explained that even though I hadn’t really spoken to him, he’d still receive the message telepathically. That sounded nice and everything, but then, not even an hour after our session, my lover, who almost NEVER vocalizes how he feels, told me EXACTLY what she’d helped me tell him I needed to hear. I was totally speechless and shocked at how quickly it worked. – Lynn Seidelbaum, graphic designer

My session with Katie was wonderful. The issue I was really struggling with was greatly improved and I haven’t even thought much about it since, which of course is amazing and perfect because I was definitely stuck in the thick of it when I first saw her. She has strong intuitive abilities and is highly skilled in EFT and is very professional. I highly recommend that you have a session with her! – M. Isom

Before I started working with Katie I was really skeptical. I didn’t think it was going to do much of anything. But I ended up having a really profound experience, and after our sessions I did realize a considerable change in my life. I felt like there was a weight removed. My depression, which has almost always been there, lifted without me even thinking about it. – T.C.

Katie is so incredibly compassionate, kind, intelligent and gifted. She has a profound gift of creating the most amazingly safe space for her coaching clients to process their deep personal struggles and begin to heal their hearts. She is honest, open, and incredibly trustworthy. I cannot recommend her enough. She is an absolute jewel and a gift to those who know her. – Jill Giddings, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Katie is a presence for me in which to explore myself and expand my experience of who I am. Our work together has been intense, painful and exhilarating all at the same time. She provided a safe space and a gentle yet persistent direction in which to look for new clues to end my suffering. I started out exploring my emotional relationship to food and then all my other topics began to flower. I learned a deeper way of dealing with myself based on self acceptance that Katie modeled for me. I felt accompanied by her on my journey and it brought me out of my isolation and shame around this deep topic of why we eat when we’re not hungry.  I love her and am deeply connected to her and imagine she will always have a healing significance for me. – Eve N.

Katie’s presence is a key component of the healing work that she facilitates. We had a session over the phone and I could literally feel the love, compassion, and kindness she holds for all humanity. I felt so safe, supported, and nourished and this allowed me deep access into my psyche and the past traumas and resulting patterns that have subconsciously had a hold on my life. Thank you, Katie, for being an important part of my healing journey! –Misty Odom, LMT 

Working with Katie was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. She is the best coach that I could have ever asked for. Her intuition was always right-on-target and accurate as to what was happening in my life. I no longer eat emotionally and have no food cravings. I just eat now when I am hungry and very rarely finish the entire meal. I also eat 2 chocolate chip cookies, hot off the cookie sheet, not 12. Thanks to Katie, my brain is finally in-sync with my stomach. I feel lighter, thinner, more in shape than I have ever been, confident and truly ready to change the world! I am forever grateful! – Janet W.

Katie’s experience and knowledge in the clearing of tough emotional blocks is excellent guidance for navigating the rough waters of healing the self. But it’s Katie’s clear presence and energy that is the real asset to your work together. She is a secure anchor point and a motivation, offering the support to keep you moving forward with confidence and strength. Working with Katie is like putting another fighter in your corner for the showdown against what is standing between you and your goal. I felt so much lighter and less conflicted after my session, using her clear instructions to continue my healing in the days afterward. -B. Ides

Katie is a powerful and gifted healer and intuitive. During my last session, I had something very definite I thought I wanted to work on. But as she tuned into my chakras and read them, there was a reoccurring blockage in each one surrounding my family that was apparently ready to be healed. Katie worked with me until I completely shifted and released this aspect that was ready to transmuted. It was totally different from what I thought I wanted to work on. Without Katie’s innate ability to tune in and grasp what my higher self was ready to heal, I would have ended up working on a much more surface issue and not having the intense healing that I did that day. – Katrina Rader, Holistic Health Coach

Working with Katie has been amazing! She is so kind and compassionate and has an uncanny way of knowing what you are thinking. She helped me tremendously dealing with anxiety regarding my daughter’s surgery. Her one-on-one coaching has also made some real shifts for me in my journey to overcome emotional eating. I have been feeling different lately. My apple pie and ice cream lasted until yesterday from last Monday night’s dinner. Six days is a record, normally it would have been gone in one day and I would have been sick! This time I enjoyed it and didn’t feel the need to punish myself by bingeing on anything else. Thanks so much for your help! If you are looking for results, I strongly recommend working with Katie! – Pam N., EFT Practitioner

After my session with Katie, I felt completely ready to step into my power and become the woman I was always afraid to be. Thank you for showing me the strength I have inside of me and for giving me the tools and the guidance I needed to shine my light on the world. I still have such a vivid memory of the exercises we did together and I go back to them all the time whenever I’m feeling scared or unsure. You are giving a real gift to the world miss Katie. – Caitlin Isles, Holistic & Culinary Nutritionist,

I felt like I accessed a deeper level working with Katie.  I sometimes struggle to get into my emotions so quickly but when we worked together I immediately dropped into what was ready to come up and be healed. You were dead on when you intuited that I had some buried anger and you helped me release it effortlessly. I felt my body grow hot as the anger surfaced and left. Thanks for all you do. It was truly amazing to have the opportunity to have a session with you. – Terran Trosclair, EFT Practitioner,