Feeling Rosey

Feeling Rosey

Dude love this stuff. It definitely helps. it made me feel relaxed, but not incapable of performing tasks. In fact, I could focus more clearly due to the clarity and relaxation, if I needed to. -Vince Winik, Bassist, 27 Lights

When I’m mad or sad it helps me feel in a happy place. It kinda makes you tingle a little bit with happiness…it DEFINITELY works! -Chloe O’Grady, 8-year-old diva

I’ve taken anti-anxiety medications for a long time. This makes you feel very calm, very serene, like everybody would like to feel all the time. Very peaceful, no anxiety. It’s a wonderful product. -Audrey Halpern, 78-year-old diva

I loved this essence. It made me feel uplifted, as if someone opened my heart and let the melancholy vapors flow out! – Robin Marshall, Robin Rootz Herbals


It gave me kind of a slight tingly sensation and then later I noticed that I felt much more relaxed than usual. I have issues with stress in my neck & shoulders but they weren’t as tight! -Adriana Beasley, nursing student

I’m a big fan of flower essences. I tried the rose essence and I loved it! My favorite thing about it was the fact that it didn’t have a ton of alcohol in it, so it didn’t burn too much.– Raechel Kelley, Recruiting Manager

It has a bit of a sweet taste to it but not intense or overwhelming. It has a calming effect. I felt relaxed and grounded. Things seem to slow down and my pace was less forced and rushed. -Jessica Cutillas, DJ, Feelthy Good People

It really helps you when you are feeling angry or sad or not good. It kinda feels like you’ve been cleansed. I feel energetic and excited. -Aydrien O’Grady, 11-year-old athlete

I tried it at work and it really helped. It made me feel relaxed…I’d recommend it for sure. -Emily Hwang, finance advisor

It did a good job of hedging my anxious energies without detracting from my natural energy. – Chris Ellis, music producer