Prickly Pear Fruit Smoothie

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Prickly pear fruit can appear intimidating, but it is sweet, delicious, and full of nutrients. This smoothie is made with ripe mango and well-hidden parsley, offering a tasty, colorful and healthful snack your little one will love. It can also be frozen into popsicle molds. Yield: 24 ounces, 6 (4-ounce) smoothies Cook time: 15 minutes Ingredients: 5 fresh prickly pear …


Raw Mango Cacao Truffles

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These all-raw truffles are rich, creamy, stuffed with sweet, fresh mango and rolled in unsweetened cacao powder. With no added sugar and tons of health benefits, they’re totally guilt-free and, in fact, recommended in a dosage of one to three per day, as needed for joy and smiles. Yield: About 2 dozen truffles Cook time: 2 hours Ingredients: All ingredients …


Pineapple Cucumber Agua Fresca

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Aguas frescas are a great way to stay cool and hydrated when things start heating up. This is a flavor combination I first tried at a taquería in Austin. It’s really light and fresh, comes out a really pretty color somewhere between yellow and green and tastes great with extra chunks of pineapple and slices of cucumber in the glass …


Baby Cutie Cakes

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Cuties, also known as “sweeties” and officially called clementines, are a favorite citrus snacker of the kiddie crowd. These super-moist, almond meal sandwich cakes are packed with vitamin C, covered in a sweet pineapple glaze and sized to perfection for little fingers and pie-holes. Yield: Makes 16-20 mini cakes Cook time: 2 hours For the cake: 4 cuties/sweeties/clementine oranges (grate …


Grilled Cashew Butter and Banana Sammy

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Take a break from PB&J with this little spin, which combines bananas (peanut butter’s other best friend) with the sweet, creaminess of cashews and a bit of honey on crisp, toasted bread. Yield: Makes 1 sandwich Cook time: 15 minutes Ingredients: 1 teaspoon local honey 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 banana, sliced 2 slices sandwich bread of choice 1 tablespoon cashew …


Get Your Kiddos in the Kitchen

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A couple of weeks ago we talked about the “undercover veggie” strategy, and how disguising vegetables within dishes your picky eater loves can help open up their nutritional profile and, gradually, palate. Letting down that old taboo and letting your kids into the kitchen is another great way to indirectly warm them up to new foods and flavors and get …


Top Secret Cheese Pizza

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This may look like your everyday cheese pizza. Your little eater will happily scarf it down like their favorite cheese pizza. But its big secret is the cleverly disguised serving of veggies hidden in the sauce. We’ve had great success with “hidden veggie” recipes here at Whisked Foodie, and this one is no exception. It’s even been tested and approved …


Undercover Veggies

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I think I’m onto something. And that something is answering the call of parents near and far who struggle to work a nutritious amount of veggies into their young’n’s diets. I’m going undercover, finding creative and tasty ways to hide a serving of veggies where your little one would never expect it. Poor vegetables. They get such a bad rap. Remember that …