Homemade Kombucha in 3 Steps

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Homemade kombucha has been on my kitchen wishlist for over a year now. For one reason or another, every opportunity I’d had to learn the process fell through, until recently when I reconnected with a good friend from herb school. Kombucha is a wonderful, cleansing, probiotic-rich fermented tea long celebrated in China for its many healthful and healing properties. It …


Homemade Horchata

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Horchata (or-cha-tah) has always been one of my very favorite aguas frescas, cooling flavored-water beverages popular in Mexico. It’s typically made by soaking rice with whole-stick cinnamon, blending it, sweetening it, and straining it into a refreshing rice milk. It’s sweet, cold, and creamy—a fantastic accompaniment to hot, spicy tacos. Although rice, cinnamon, and sugar tend to be horchata constants, …


Blooming Mango Flowers: How to Cut Fresh Mango

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I can’t remember exactly who first showed me a fresh-cut mango flower, I remember only the giddiness and wonder of watching it unexpectedly bloom before my eyes. It’s one of my favorite little-girl memories, so naturally, one of my favorite things to pass on to little girls. As I was putting together our fresh mango salsa at my friend Melissa’s …


Stay Hydrated with Aguas Frescas

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Spring came early in Austin. Our flowers are blooming, the sun in shining, and although still intermingled with of a few nippy days here and there, that Texas heat is beginning to creep in. It feels like agua fresca weather. Aguas frescas are around year-round, but they’re especially apt to battling warm weather. Literally “fresh waters,” they are simply water …


Nutter ‘Yer Butter: Nut Butter at Home

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This week as I was pondering a creative spin on PB&J for my bonus daughter, I thought it would be nice to try cashew butter in place of peanut. I knew I’d seen and slammed on cashew butter before, but when I got to the market I couldn’t find it anywhere. They had peanut, of course. And almond. And peanut-almond. …


Home-Pureed Pumpkin

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Canned pumpkin is currently enjoying its annual surge of popularity and adoration as the holidays bring pumpkin pies (and cakes and rolls) to kitchens and plates across the States. Interesting tidbit I picked up on the kitchn—manufacturers sometimes don’t use pumpkin in their “pumpkin” puree at all, but rather a mix of winter squash. I’ve been in a bit of …


Hello Holidays! Candied Ginger at Home

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With the holidays rolling in, I’ve had the spicy, sweet flavors of wintertime on the brain. I spotted an enormous bulb of ginger root on my last trip to the frutería and snatched it right up—ginger isn’t always in the market when you want it, and just the sight of it got my holiday baking wheels turning. Once I got …


G-Free Berry Pancakes with Guava Piloncillo Syrup

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Isn’t there something just downright warm and cozy about great pancakes? After Hurricane Rina blew through town last week, the soggy, dreary aftermath of the storm had me craving the buttery comfort of some hotcakes. I love throwing in fruits and flavors, and will almost always order an enticing flavored pancake over (albeit also beloved) buttermilk. Banana used to be my childhood favorite. …


Home Flavored Coffee: Way More than Hazelnut

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A lot of coffee aficionados cringe at the mention of flavors. True that you’ve got to enjoy a bean unadulterated to really taste it, and that the best tasting brews stand on their own. But there’s something to be said for a spicy cinnamon café de olla or cardamom-laced Turkish coffee. Personally, I love adding a bit of fresh spice …