Welcome to the Spot!

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Today—December 11, 2014—9 Ahau (Light) on the Mayan T’zolkin count, I officially unveil this expression of who I AM to the world! It’s also my Pops’ birthday (happy birthday ‘ole man!). I’ve got lots of yummy posts planned for you, but ’til then, check out this backlog of recipes and reflections. <3

Homemade Kombucha in 3 Steps

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Homemade kombucha has been on my kitchen wishlist for over a year now. For one reason or another, every opportunity I’d had to learn the process fell through, until recently when I reconnected with a good friend from herb school. Kombucha is a wonderful, cleansing, probiotic-rich fermented tea long celebrated in China for its many healthful and healing properties. It …

Musings of a Flexitarian

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My older cousin Davey (OK he goes by “David” these days but I’ll always know him as Davey) posted something on Facebook the other day that made me literally lol: “I love organic food, or as my grandparents called it, food.” We live in an interesting time. While having more on-hand, readily available choices in our foodstuffs than ever before, …

The Tamalada: Tamales and Community

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Earlier this week we explored the holiday tamal tradition, tracking down possible explanations for the connection between these tasty steamed masa cakes and the holiday season. Of course no discussion of tamal customs and tradition would be complete without mention of the tamalada, a grand fiesta in which families gather to catch up, laugh, share stories and memories, and oh …

Tracing the Holiday Tamal Tradition

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In Texas, the holidays mean tamales. Along with Christmas trees, sparkling lights, and sweet treats, I will forever associate the abundance of tamales—making them, craving them, seeing them, eating them, buying them—with the holiday season. As the wonderful aromas of warm masa, stewing chiles and tamales de dulce emerge once again this year, I found myself wondering where tamales’ holiday …

Raw Strawberry Basil Cheesecake

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This super-satisfying raw dessert is a slight variation on the lemon raspberry version I premiered last year. The fruit topping, a blend of fresh strawberries, lemon, and basil leaves, provides a bright, tangy note to cut the creamy richness of the cashew-based cake. Adapted from The Rawtarian and Loving it Raw Yield: 24 small servings Cook time: 30 minutes, plus time …

Prickly Pear Fruit Smoothie

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Prickly pear fruit can appear intimidating, but it is sweet, delicious, and full of nutrients. This smoothie is made with ripe mango and well-hidden parsley, offering a tasty, colorful and healthful snack your little one will love. It can also be frozen into popsicle molds. Yield: 24 ounces, 6 (4-ounce) smoothies Cook time: 15 minutes Ingredients: 5 fresh prickly pear …

The Other Tuna: Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit

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As the summer heat slowly begins to die down and the first autumn breezes roll around, prickly pear cactus fruit, known as tuna in Mexico, is coming out bright and ripe. It’s a magical time. Prickly pear cactus is a characteristic plant of Texas. Wide-faced, inverted teardrop paddles grow in close clusters, some studded with sharp needles, others bred to …

Raw Mango Cacao Truffles

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These all-raw truffles are rich, creamy, stuffed with sweet, fresh mango and rolled in unsweetened cacao powder. With no added sugar and tons of health benefits, they’re totally guilt-free and, in fact, recommended in a dosage of one to three per day, as needed for joy and smiles. Yield: About 2 dozen truffles Cook time: 2 hours Ingredients: All ingredients …